For our customers, we want to create an eco-system of products and services dedicated to the business performance, outperforming competitors.

We love to work with Innovative Startups or mid-size level organizations that want to become #1 in their market. 

They usually want to focus their efforts on product development while being open to externalizing part or all of their business development. They understand the benefit of system thinking, implementing a continuous improvement system, and an innovation pipeline to achieve sustainable performance

Our Services

Business Development

Khamaga Business development

We help your business to create long-term value from customers, markets, and relationships. We elaborate with you the business development strategy and manage its execution so you can focus on making a cuting edge product.

Business Transformation

We practice “System Thinking”! We help you design a better business system and processes, and we support you in implementing new ways of working to improve and to leverage internal innovation continuously.

Our Values

We believe growing human expertise must be a driver in every aspect of our life, to focus it is key for us to outcome challenges.

We believe in the creation of smart environments that assist us in our personal development, thus supporting our rise in expertise.

We believe that a wellness lifestyle offers the best conditions for us to flourish and increase our performance.

We believe that effective business systems and processes are the means of creating an organization of continuous improvement and excellence.

We believe that delivering the highest value is a fundamental of any relationship with the customer.

We believe that simplicity, pragmatism, and trust are the most powerful tools to achieve higher goals

Let’s build together strong foundations to unlock sustainable performance

The Team

Manuel Garnier



Innovation and challenge are my drivers .



Wellness is more than a word, it is a life style.


Performance for serious Business

We help you design the right system and adopt the right tools to increase your business performance


The next gen-app that each CEO should adopt

We support the Europe deployment by developping the B2B market and creating a support services offer.

The data platform that accelerate your success

We support the product positioning and the niche market development.