Manuel Garnier



Manuel GARNIER, entrepreneur minded, has more than 20 years of rich experience in being a consultant for small up to large corporate companies.

With a strong background in managing projects in a local or distributed context, he successfully supported decision-makers and CEOs on budget up to 15 Million Euros.

Manuel first started his career as an Art Director in visual communication for Prisma Presse. Then he became specialized in Brand creation and visual marketing presentations. 

Passionate about innovation and new technologies, he took the opportunity to support his customers in the move from print to digital. His journey led him to learn techniques applied to a web app context and to apprehend Agile methodologies from small teams to scaled organizations.

Finally, he has collaborated with Amadeus on the top 30 R&D projects. He has given support to portfolio managers and project managers to monitor budget and scope better. He has facilitated the setup of a critical transformation program, by coaching teams on processes & tools, managing tools setup, facilitating team collaboration, being essential in budget process & reporting.

Now Manuel develops Khamaga’s Innovation portfolio and provides ad-hoc Innovation consulting.